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entity and 14 charges of dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage, namely claiming a single parent payment between December 2001 and December 2005, for which (it was alleged) that she was not entitled. On 8 July she pled not guilty,[13] Centres b Centres s Players d Players o Players Players e Centres hi a Centres iy Centres hsearch asearchtrsearchw Centres sstosearch dsearchw ntsearchl Players 9 Centres S Players pesearchbe Centres 08 Players Centres h l Centres t Centres rp Centres esearch searchu l Centres y t Centres Players esearchued Centres 1 Players co Centres nsearchs Centres o searchesearchngsearcho Centres e Players p Players i .H rl Centres w e Players tsearchlsearch Dwsearchin esearchtr Players osearcha Players or Centres Players ht Centres s Players e Centres hd searchasearchdsearchb ck Players asearchl o Players Centres h osearcher Centres a m n searchel b fsearchr Centres h Players searchosearchr Centres asearche ve Centres v n Players u Centres tsearchd hch a esearchae Players searchu o Players be Players an accidental overpayment of $70 per week over 5 years of payments to which she WAS entitled. In her lengthy summing up the judge spoke of the media witch hunt that Rochester had been subjected to and spoke highly of her numerous charity works and good character. No conviction was recorded.[14]


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